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Beware of Counterfeit Drugs


When we think of counterfeit drug peddlers, what comes into our mind is a group of shady people running a mafia like operation underground. It is not, evidently. The business is run in broad daylight. What is very shocking, and sad at the same time, is that some doctors are part of the counterfeit drug mafia. Yes, the very person with whom you entrust your health and life might be colluding with the industry that is promoting counterfeit drugs that can potentially lead to even death.

Toxicity of Non-stick Cookware: What Are The Alternatives?


Non-stick cookware, especially cooking pans, are promoted in India as healthy utensils, primarily because they help cut down on oil. Since oil and all types of fats are already bloated out of proportion as a bad thing for the human body, this played out well with the Indian psyche. Non-stick cookware is also very easy to clean. These factors, along with their shiny and modern feel, made non-stick pans a hit with the masses and made it a part of the Indian kitchen. But are they really the super-useful miracle cookware that they are made out to be?