Fake ‘polymer-enriched’ rice sold in markets in Kerala


Did you think that rice made from plastic was sold only in China? Here is a surprise for you. East coast daily reports that similar rice is sold in Kerala as well. The article Fake rice sold in Kerala says that fake rice

.. supply has been found in the markets across Kozhikode. Reportedly, fake rice is made from a mixture of potatoes, sweet potatoes and plastic. A white layer is formed on the starch water when rice is put in boiled water. If the cooked rice is strained, the thin layer becomes thick like plastic. If this is kept under the sun, the thin layer becomes a burning plastic.

Chinese fake rice is also made with the same ingredients as the ones found in Kerala. It is likely that unscrupulous merchants bought this fake rice from China to adulterate rice sold in Kerala. Mathrubhumi reports that Chinese fake rice is alleged to be sold in India on a ‘massive’ scale. Samples need to be tested from across the country to determine how bad the adulteration is in rest of the country.

Who needs land to cultivate when food can be manufactured, Chinese style.

  • Tabassum

    Just to fill there wallet….people are playing with the lives of other innocent people rice is the staple diet of indian…these are dirty money. ..which will bring no happiness. …..this has to be stopped..govt should control and do
    he sample testing throughout India and there should be severe punishment also.